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Help Native Film-maker Myron Dewey, creator of Digital Smoke Signals make it to Standing Rock to interview and share our story through Indigenous Eyes.
⚠ Share this video to let America see what is happening in beautiful North Dakota!
🎥 Captioned/Youtube alternative: Welcome to North Dakota, the US's second biggest oil exporter. The scenic landscape, flowing rivers, lush forests, local wildlife and communities here are, once again, threatened by corporate greed. Tribes and activists from across the country are coming together to protect the Missouri River from future pipeline bursts. It is estimated there's over 300 oil leaks per year in North Dakota alone, and more than 170 of those incidents come from pipeline leaks. Many leaks go unreported, unknown even, and when companies report leaks to the local government there isn't any public notice. The state of North Dakota takes approximately 2.5 years just to clean up 20,000 gallons of oil meaning most messes are left uncleaned and more and more damage is being done both to the environment and to local communities. This effects everyone, we must take a stand and protect our land today. Water is life, water is our connection to everything! ➡ Who Are These Protectors? ➡ Donate supplies and contact them: ➡ Get involved and learn more: ➡ Support the Sacred Stone Spirit Camp legal fund: ➡ Support Arizona tribes in their fight: 📷 Video edit by We Are The Media // #nativelivesmatter #nodapl
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